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Come Sing With Us!

Allegro Auditions are open April to June

Audition Walkthrough

  • Vocal Audition takes 10-15 minutes but allow 30 minutes for singer and parent to meet staff, tour the Allegro Studio (228 Oak St, Bonner Springs, KS), and ask questions.

  • Visit with staff so we can get to know each other -- we want to know about you!

  • All auditioning will…

    • Sing vocal warmups.

    • Participate in listening and harmony exercises.

    • Sing “Row Row Row Your Boat” in a round with staff.

    • Prepare and sing solo “Happy Birthday” (3rd-5th graders) or “Star Spangled Banner” unaccompanied (6th grade & above.)

    • Singers auditioning for Spirito and Brio will sight-read simple melodies and have an informal music literacy assessment

  • New Singer registration paperwork will be emailed to you within 48 hours of your audition for you to complete.


After clicking below (using chrome browser for best results), select your preferred choir, date, and time. We will send Singer Information Forms to complete once your registration is finished.


Email Christy at if these dates and times don’t work to set up a private audition.




Auditioned Choir Tuition and Scholarships

  • Save My Space Tuition Deposit of $150 is due 30 days after audition.

  • Tuition balance is ALWAYS due on July 1st, unless a payment plan is set up.

New Singers receive a one-year NEW SINGER DISCOUNT in Vivo, Spirito, and Moto.

  • Vivo Tuition: $670 (new singer first year $425)

  • Moto/Spirito Tuition: $815 (new singer first year $615)

  • Brio Tuition: $835

  • Primo $175 (per session)

Singers applying for scholarship opportunities can complete a confidential Scholarship Form along with a $75 “Save My Space” tuition deposit due 30 days after audition

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