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Gretchen Harrison

Chief Administrator

“Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.”

– Pablo Picasso

What To Expect

Gretchen Harrison, who is your Allegro Administrator and “Orange Counter Beacon of Knowledge”, has been with Allegro since 2005. She’s filled all roles: parent, choir director, administrator and sometimes plumber! Gretchen taught middle school choirs in Blue Valley (Leawood, Oxford and Prairie Star Middle Schools) and Olathe (Frontier Trail Middle School) for 34 years before moving into this full-time support position for the singers, parents and directors in Allegro. She had some other career aspirations—Professional Barrel Racer or Banjo Player—-but the call to the choir world is just too strong! When she is out from behind her orange counter, Gretchen enjoys hobbies like baking sourdough bread, gardening, canning and preserving almost anything, listening to audiobooks and cheering on friends and family members as they become their best selves.

Career Highlights

  • National Chair for Repertoire and Resources with the American Choral Directors Association

  • Taught middle school and junior high choral music from 1987-2022

  • BME Degree from Wichita State University

  • Mastered in Music Education from the University of Missouri-Kansas City

  • Gretchen and her husband Kim’s two kids, fabulous son-in-law, and the most wonderful grandson in the world

Gretchen has served as Middle Level Choral Chairperson for Kansas Music Educators and as the KCDA Junior High/Middle School Chairperson for Repertoire and Standards. Now she is the National Chairperson for Junior High/Middle School Repertoire and Standards for the American Choral Directors Association. She has received recognition multiple times by Who's Who Among American Teachers and has twice received the Outstanding Middle Level Music Educator Award presented by her KMEA district. Her choirs consistently earned top rating at festivals and regularly appeared at KMEA. Harrison and her husband, Kim, are the parents of Kellyn (an Allegro Assistant Director) and Cole (an Allegro Spirito Alumnus).


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