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Amy Cramer

Brio & Vivo Choir Accompanist

“Comparison is the thief of joy"

– Theodore Roosevelt

What To Expect

I have been accompanying and listening to young people sing since I was 13 years old (I won't divulge how many years that adds up to) and I have a pretty darn good ear. I love to collaborate with conductors and feel like I can add something that a traditional "singer" isn't listening for. I also like to have fun and LAUGH! I love to play for musicals and auditions and have played for over 70 musicals (some of them multiple times). Fun fact - I know that the musical "Legally Blonde" has OVER 275 key and time changes in the 2nd act ALONE!  It's the most difficult musical I have ever played - even beats Sondheim and Bernstein! (Who knew?!).

Career Highlights

  • Meeting her husband because she played for his freshman choir audition at KU!! 

  • Playing in cathedrals and museums all over the world because of Allegro (added bonus - playing for super talented young singers)

  • Playing piano and celeste on stage at the Kauffman Center for SWACDA

  • Playing for over 75 musicals (look at my fun fact!)

  • Working with the best women choral conductors in the Midwest

Amy has been accompanying for choirs in the KC area since she was 13 years old and specifically for Allegro for since 2010.  She studied choral and lieder reading under Leanna Hillmer (Mozarteum in Salzburg) while getting her degree at KU.  She has been a collaborative pianist since 2004 at the high school level and is currently the pianist at Olathe Northwest High School. She and her husband Jim have three grown children including daughter Abby who was a very happy and grateful Allegro singer for seven years!

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